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October 25 | December 6 | March 21 |  April 18 | May 16 | June 13
We are pleased to invite all ticket holders to an “Afterglow” reception following each performance October through May.
Contributing Patrons at all levels are invited to a special Gala reception following the June concert.

Saturday | October 25 | 6 PM
Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center
Mozart | Rejoice, Exult!

No composer has survived the shifting tides of ideas, styles and fashion more assuredly than Mozart.

The celestial blend of strings and winds in major works (Oboe Quartet in F, Flute Quartet in D) will affirm his status as incomparable master of the lighthearted as well as the profound, his simple intervals penetrating the core of the human soul.

Stars of the chamber music world gather to showcase works Mozart wrote for wind virtuosos of his age—plus the Piano Quartet in E-Flat and Quintet for Glass Harmonica (the instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin) and his incandescent Rondo in A minor for solo piano.

Roman Rabinovich, piano and celeste; Tara Helen O’Connor, flute;
James Austin Smith, oboe; Daniel Phillips, violin; Xiao-Dong Wang, viola;
Yehuda Hanani, cello

Mahaiwe Balcony tickets - $25 (Orchestra & Mezzanine $45)

December 6 | Saturday | 6 PM
Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center
Best of the Baroque

From the sublime to the humorous (Telemann’s “Canary Cantata,” the tale of the cat that swallowed the canary”—in the spirit of opera buffa), this program has all the elements that make up the music of the era: the extravagance, ornateness, and drama—as in Bach’s secular cantata Amore Traditore (Treacherous Love) and Handel’s aria from Ode to St. Cecilia (“What passion cannot music raise and quell!”).

No program on the Baroque would be complete without a Vivaldi concerto (for two cellos), and Couperin’s Five Concert Pieces introduces the elegance of the French court.

With “historically informed” members of the Diderot Quartet, Apollo’s Fire and the Handel and Haydn Society.

Adriane Post, violin; Jessica Meyer, viola; Guillaume Pirard, violin; Daniel Swenberg, theorbo;
Assaf Sommer, harpsichord; Yehuda Hanani, DoYeon Kim, and Paul Dwyer, cello;
Jennifer Rivera, mezzosoprano; Mischa Bouvier, baritone

Mahaiwe Balcony tickets - $25 (Orchestra & Mezzanine $45)

March 21 | Saturday | 6 PM
Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center
Sergei Rachmaninoff and Russian Orientalia

The magnetic appeal of the mysterious East attracted Rachmaninoff’s artistic predecessors (Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade became the best-known example of Russian musical Orientalism), and he followed suit beginning with some of his earliest compositions.

The sumptuousness and ecstatic expressivity of the Sonata for Piano and Cello and the early Prelude and Orientale organically entwine Orientalism around his thoroughly European palette. His Variations on a Theme of Corelli, miniature character pieces, is a pianistic tour de force.

The mesmeric Russian pianist Vassily Primakov joins Yehuda Hanani in a program that explores the many facets of this enigmatic and prodigious figure whose reputation has skyrocketed since the years when he was dismissed as a “Hollywood composer” (he never wrote a note for a movie though his music was appropriated for 50 films!). Music mystical, meditative and sensual à la Russe.

Vassily Primakov, piano; Yehuda Hanani, cello

Mahaiwe Balcony tickets - $25 (Orchestra & Mezzanine $45)

April 18 | Saturday | 6 PM
Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center
The New York Wind Quintet

Introducing a wind group into our string-rich atmosphere! In chamber music tradition, the wind ensemble is the counterpoint to the string quartet, covering the same range and thriving on colorful hues and timbres. Unique among woodwind quintets touring today, the New York Woodwinds are five virtuosos dedicated to chamber music yet who are individually known as top soloists. Starting with Renaissance composer Monteverdi’s madrigals and continuing with Beethoven, Anton Reicha, and on to Jean Francaix’s witty and sparkling music, the quintet mines the rich repertoire for winds.

Carol Wincenc, flute; Charles Neidich, clarinet; Stephen Taylor, oboe;
Marc Goldberg, bassoon; William Purvis, French horn

NEW Mahaiwe Balcony tickets - $25 (Orchestra & Mezzanine $45)

May 16 | Saturday | 6 PM
Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center
Debussy and Schubert

One of the pinnacles of chamber music—if not Western music as a whole—Schubert’s last work, the String Quintet in C Major, probes the depths of human experience and rises to seraphic beauty. Next to this visionary quintet (made more poignant still with lighthearted moments and Viennese café music), Debussy’s String Quartet, an early work, is nonetheless regarded as a watershed in the history of chamber music. With a wealth of dazzling figurations, exotic scales, and his special shimmering pulsations, Debussy captures a nuanced experience of time and essentially invents Impressionism in sound. Two master works performed by the estimable Avalon Quartet.

The Avalon String Quartet
Blaise Magniere, violin; Marie Wang, violin; Anthony Devroye, viola; Cheng-Hou Lee, cello
Yehuda Hanani, cello

Mahaiwe Balcony tickets - $25 (Orchestra & Mezzanine $45)

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June 13 | Saturday | 6 PM
Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center
Invitation to the Dance

From ritual to romance, from the pagan Fire Dance of Manuel de Falla to waltz and tango, music provides the pulse and sensuous gesture to the choreographic wonders of dance.

Experience the inseparable connection as Close Encounters presents a gala that will have you levitating in your chair: Chopin’s Heroic Polonaise, Bartok’s Romanian Dances, and Brahms’s Trio Opus 8 with its gentle waltz—a perfect backdrop for David Parsons Dancers. A 2001 commission, Piazzolla’s Grand Tango, receives an updated look.

With major prize winners Bella Hristova (“Jaw-dropping technical prowess”— Gramophone) and Georgian piano sensation David Aladashvil. A performance not to be missed!

David Aladashvili, piano; Bella Hristova, violin; Yehuda Hanani, cello;
David Parsons Dancers

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Close encounters with music presents six concerts this season at the landmark Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington. Join the growing number of culture enthusiasts who converge from the Berkshires, Hudson Valley, Northwest Connecticut, New York City, and Boston for each Close Encounters event! We are pleased to invite all ticket holders to an “Afterglow” reception following each performance October through May. Contributing Patrons at all levels are invited to a special Gala reception following the June concert.

Great Barrington, Stockbridge, and Lenox are within 2-1/2 hours of scenic driving from Boston and New York City.  Parking is readily available.

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