Close Encounters With Music

Staff Members

Avital Louria, Director of Press and Public Relations
Bernadette Martin, Berkshire High Peaks Festival Site Manager
Dawn Stanyon, Professionality Consulting, Social Media
Laurie Werner, Grant Writer
Sheila Wood, Communications Coordinator

Staff Volunteers
Jean Duffy
Robin Goldberg
Steven Hahn

Page Turner
Craig Bender

Joel Patterson, Mountaintop Studios
Sponsored by WMHT

Steinway Technician
Terrence Flynn, Flynn Pianos

Commissioning Advisory Board
Eliot Fisk
Osvaldo Golijov
Judith B. Grunberg
Jorge Martín
George Minkoff

Graphic Design
Curt Carpenter, brochure design
Hans Heuberger, playbill covers
Jane McWhorter, playbill design
Susan Robinson, graphic design

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